Friday, September 12, 2008


A new term for the rabid Anti-Palin Press Corps:

Liberal Fascist Journalistic Nazi Stormtroopers!!!

Liberal: They are definately liberal, just look at two things: 1) their voting record, and 2) their political donations. Both of which favor Democrats by about 90% to 10%.

Fascist: Everything from the State, nothing outside the state: They are for State Health Care, State Unemployment, State Retirement, State Racial, Gender and Sexual Preferences Quotas, State Regulation of Industry, State Control over Schools, State control of Guns, .....

Journalistic: Not journalist. Journalist implies some type of objectivity. The Press Corps has lost any semblance of objectivity so they are like journalists in that they try to do things journalists do and try to look like journalists, but at the end of the day they are only journalistic, not journalists.

Nazi: Rabid, unrelenting, smearing, slandering twisters of words and mis-quotes and partial quotes all in support of the Socialist goal of getting their Leader, Der Fuhrer, Herr Obama, the top spot of Chancellor and King of the World.

Stormtroopers: Just look at the way they shove microphones into peoples faces and "hunt down" their stories. They will stop at nothing to find the prize "slam" of Sarah Palin. Viciously pursuing a "gotcha" moment just like Stormtroopers blitzkrieging across Europe.

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