Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NCCPA: New Christian Conservative Party of America

My fellow Americans:

Politically, we, as a Nation, have been drifting left, inch by inch for the past 30 years. So much so that there has, in fact, been a huge fundamental shift to the left. What used to be the Democrat’s position back in the 70’s and 80’s is now the Republican (Dem Lite) position. What used to be radical liberal socialism has now become mainstream Liberal Democratic principles. What used to be mainstream Republican principles are now seen as extreme right wing “fringe” positions. Everything has shifted dramatically to the left. Fact, not opinion, Fact.

Unfortunately, I believe the Republican party is in its death throws. Modern day Republicans have sold themselves out by supporting bigger government, higher spending etc. They have tried to beat the Dems at their own game, but never will be able to outspend the Dems. Modern day Republicans are wimps in that they no longer stand up for the core conservative principles they used to stand up for. Truly, our modern day Republicans have become “Dem-Lite.”

America needs a New Conservative Party. I’ve looked at the “Conservative Party of America” which has some potential. But I think we need a new party even bolder, stronger on fundamental right wing conservative issues. Issues like Abortion, Gun Control – The Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Taxing, Spending, Smaller Government, Strong National Defense, Free Enterprise Capitalism, Freedom of Religion, Same Sex Marriages.

Is there a “New Christian Conservative Party?” It is time for Christian Conservatives to stand up and stop cowering in the corner and letting the liberals run the bloody show. I’m bleepin angry at the way our society has gone these last 30 years. But what to do with the anger? Use it to start something new.

Now, some may say, if you’re a Christian you can’t be angry. I call BS. The Bible says “In your anger do not sin.” It doesn’t say don’t be angry. Even Jesus got angry. Remember the tax collectors and money changers in the Temple? What did Jesus do? Did he talk to them? Try to reason with them? NO! He stormed in, turned over their tables and drove them out of the temple.

It is time for Christian Conservatives to stand up and route the modern day tax collectors and money changers from our governmental, mass media, and educational positions of power and control. They will only drive us deeper into the pit, if we let them. And for far too long we have been letting them take us further and further left by passively sitting back and watching as they take us ever further left, inch by bloody inch until we’ve seen a complete and total shift to the left of center. Enough is enough.

It is time for the pendulum to swing back to the Right! Let the Revolution Begin Today! What about it? How about a New Conservative Party, one that’s not afraid to call it like it is: “The New Christian Conservative Party of America!”



Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

My instant response:
I know a lot of very, very good conservatives who would not join anything labeled Christian.

Sometimes it's because (system of belief)*+ gov't= trouble, some times it's because they have some beef, sometimes it's because they're just not Christian.

There is no logical reason to force yourself to sell *two* very difficult idea-systems.

A Conservatism in line with Christian moral teachings-- although God help you on lining THAT out so everyone who can offer good argument agrees-- is a good thing; willfully throwing ourselves into the mess of a major (we hope!) party with the added demand of a hearty, whole-hearted, specific faith? Eeeek.....

*(state-enforced atheism, anyone?)

shivedawg said...

I agree with Mr. Right, i myself thought of a new party of those beliefs calling it the conservative christians. This party would not only bring nonactive christians(politicly) out of the dark but also influence and inspire other conservatives and liberal christians. I fear another civil war coming and its gonna be republicans and democrats. We Christians must band together as a family and do what is moraly right Biblicly!